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What is augmentation mammoplasty?

There is no medical treatment that can achieve a definitive increase of breast volume, except for augmentation mammoplasty. In this procedure, the surgeon places a breast prosthesis that can be placed in front or behind the chest muscle. To insert the prosthesis, several small incisions are made, usually, in the armpit, the areola or in the sub-mammary crease.

Augmentation mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty.

The prosthesis implanted is, in most cases, a high cohesiveness, soft touch, silicone gel. The intervention is usually performed under general anesthesia, with one night of hospitalization. The type of bandage will vary according to the preferences of each surgeon. You may recommend to perform massages early on in the postoperative period to prevent the retraction of the capsule that the body forms around the prosthesis.

However, the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery is retraction or capsular contracture, which affects around 10% of the patients in varying degrees. The body wraps the prosthesis with a connective tissue capsule, and while in the majority of patients this capsule remains wide and thin-walled, in some patients, the capsule will render and retract, giving rise to a feeling of firmness and unnatural hardness of the breast. The treatment of this complication requires sometimes a new surgery. Other local complications (hematoma, infection…) tend to have an extremely low incidence.






What is breast augmentation with fat?

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is a surgical procedure whose intention is to provide breast augmentation while keeping its original anatomical proportions, using accumulated fat in donor areas of the body which can be transferred by using special techniques to the breast tissue.

Who is candidate for breast augmentation with fat?

Women with small breasts showing no significant ptosis (drooping), whose breast augmentation expectations are reasonable and who want a natural result without scars. They cannot be extremely thin patients, since they must have donor fat reserves that can be extracted.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Firstly, you must extract and process the fat of donor areas (abdomen, thighs, back, etc…). Subsequently, that previously processed fat is infiltrated through minimal access puncture at the level of the chest, leaving no scars.

What happens in the postoperative period?

The postoperative period is well tolerated by patients. It is not a painful surgery. At the beginning there may be minimum bruising and paleness at the level of the skin in the chest. Within 3 weeks all of these signs have disappeared. The end result is usually evident around 3 months, time in which the breast tissue has experienced a proper process of remodeling.


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