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What are bacterial diseases?

bacterial diseases

Healthy skin.

Bacterial diseases are skin infections caused by bacteria. These infections can be of two types: primary and secondary. Primary ones take place on healthy skin and they can be either superficial or deep (beard psychosis, impetigo, etc.). Secondary ones, on the other hand, take place on injured skin (atopic dermatitis, eczematous, infected bug bites, etc.).


Causes of bacterial infections

Illustration of bacterial infection

Illustration of bacterial infection.

There is no single cause of the development of bacterial infections, but there is an accumulation of factors which favour their appearance. Thus, skin alterations such as atopic dermatitis, circulatory diseases, excessive sweating, or wearing wet clothes after taking a shower, as well as the presence of strange objects such as piercings or dialysis can form a breeding ground for the proliferation of every type of bacteria.


Treatment for bacterial infections

Regularly, the treatment used to solve most of skin bacterial infections are antibiotics of topical use. However, depending on the extension of the affected area, and the intensity and depth of the infection, it may be more convenient to use a systemic treatment and leave the application of topical antibiotics as a complementary resource. Systemic treatments are more effective as they act faster and they help drain the lesion. If, on the contrary, they are left as a second option, it is because they are more aggressive than topical antibiotics.

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Prevention of bacterial diseases

As usual, good hygiene habits are essential for preventing bacterial infections, as well as drying the skin after taking a shower and keeping it healthy and hydrated by using creams.

In case of having a piercing or any other type of perforation done, you should follow the indications of the professional or doctor so the perforation heals as soon as possible and thus avoid any type of infection.

As we have already mentioned, you should avoid keeping wet clothes on the skin. If we are going to practice physical exercise, having a change of clothes in the bag could be a good idea.
Bacterial infections are contagious, especially in places like communal showers in gyms or camp-sites, public swimming pools, or spas.

Finally, we should be careful not to spread the infection and avoid touching, scratching, shaving, or doing any action on the affected area, which could increase the injury and worsen its effects.

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Diagnosis and treatment of bacterial diseases in Valencia

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