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What is blepharoplasty?


Eyes with bags and excess skin.

Blepharoplasty is a surgery, functional or cosmetic, which aims to reshape the eyelid by removing or relocating the excess tissue and strengthening the muscles and tendons in the area. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is usually performed to improve peripheral vision for aesthetic purposes. The operation in the lower eyelid is almost always performed for cosmetic reasons, to improve eyelid bags or reduce excess skin. Blepharoplasty is an outpatient surgery (also known as day surgery) because it is not necessary for the patient to remain hospitalized. Recovery is rapid.

With the passage of time and because of aging or heart and kidney diseases, the skin surrounding the eyes becomes lax, muscles become weak and orbital fat moves forward. This lack of firmness in the skin and the muscles, together with the fat moving from the eye orbit and, in some cases, the existence of fluid, is what gives rise to aesthetic problems, giving the look and face a tired and aged appearance which blepharoplasty can correct in just a couple of hours.

In addition, when this laxity affects the upper eyelid, it is worth the risk, since the patient’s vision can be hindered. It is in these cases when eyelid surgery is carried out with functional as well as aesthetic purposes in order to restore the patient’s peripheral vision.

In either case, whether for aesthetic or functional purposes, blepharoplasty is performed always following the same procedure. First, sedation of the patient is carried out and the local area to be treated is anesthetized. Then, a series of incisions in the skin of the eyelids are made, in order to extract the fat and possible liquids, remove excess tissue and tighten the orbicularis oculi muscle. Finally, incisions are closed with very fine sutures so the possible resulting scars are so fine that they disappear within the first few months. In no way will it be necessary to bandage or cover the eyes after the operation. Just the application of an ophthalmic ointment, prescribed by our surgeons, and the use of dressings with very cold physiological saline solution in order to reduce inflammation.


Blepharoplasty Valencia

As you can see the intervention is extremely simple and hardly lasts a couple of hours. In addition, recovery, is fast, painless and does not present any kind of complication. However, it should be noted that the possibility of excessive tearing, temporary changes in visual acuity and photosensitivity are completely normal and will disappear in a very short time. As well as inflammation of the eyelids, which will disappear in no more than a week. Thus, most patients may return to work in just 10 or 12 days with a completely new and rejuvenated appearance. In any case, our surgeons recommend that in the 3 or 4 weeks following the intervention, no physical exertion of any kind be performed and high SPF sun protection and sun glasses be used whenever the patient leaves the house.

You will be glad to know, also, that when blepharoplasty is carried out to remove under-eye bags, it is not usually necessary to intervene again, the young and lively appearance obtained after the intervention lasts forever.


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