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Facial implants are used to soften ageing lines or improve the revitalising appearance of skin. They can restore volume, improve elasticity lost with the passage of time, and smooth the lines and imperfections that appear naturally with age. It is a way to improve your appearance naturally.

It involves injecting small amounts of product in the area to be treated (fill, mould, or revitalise) with the help of a very fine needle.

There are many types of implants available made with a wide range of materials, enabling the customisation o the treatment depending on the area to be treated, skin type, and desired effect. The most commonly used material is currently hyaluronic acid.


  • It can be performed any time and on any skin type
  • It is fast and simple
  • It is typically an outpatient procedure and does not require hospitalisation.
  • It may require prior anaesthesia
  • Immediate and lasting results: filling and revitalising effect of the skin.



  • The most frequently treated facial areas are:
  • The fold that runs from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasogenian grooves)
  • The lips (outline, enhancement, and volume)
  • The cheekbones and chin (sculpting)
  • The neckline and face (skin rejuvenation)
  • The brow region (glabellar wrinkles)


Risks/cautionary recommendations

Although the vast majority of filling implants are safe and well tolerated, there may be risks and complications related to the injection technique (bruising, slight swelling, pain, hardening…) and less frequently with the product itself. Patients should not take aspirin, steroids, or high doses of vitamin E before treatment, as these may cause bleeding or inflammation at the injection site. In general, it is not necessary to perform any allergy skin tests beforehand. After treatment, do not expose the area to intense heat (sun, solarium, laser or IPL).

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The effect of the filling implants can be seen instantly, without altering the facial expression. It has long-lasting effects over time and may or may not be permanent depending on the material injected.

In some cases, the treatment may be a little painful, and you may notice mild discomfort. A cream is often used for local anaesthesia. Another form of anaesthesia is a dental blockade used to numb the area when you are going to proceed with a lip enhancement.

In some situations, the injection of the filling implants can be performed at the same time as other medical procedures.

The information contained in this page cannot, nor does it pretend to, in any way replace the information provided individually by your physician. When in doubt, your physician will provide you with the appropriate explanations. If you are thinking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure, contact a medical specialist (dermatologist, cosmetic physician, plastic surgeon).

• Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel

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