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Hair surgery



Hair transplantation is a technique which consists in the implementation of the patient’s own hair from a healthy area to an area affected by alopecia.

The donor area is the back of the head, since these hairs are genetically different from other areas and resist loss due to hormones, stress… That is to say, hair from the nape of the neck and temples is genetically programmed to grow throughout your lifetime.

The intervention is painless, since it is carried out under local anesthesia. You work with micro-instrumental and a microscope to achieve separation of bulbs, one at a time.

Incorporation into daily activities is immediate.


FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

Transplantation of hair with the FUE technique consists of systematically redistributing hair follicles by introducing small scalp grafts that contain so-called “follicular units”.

Grafts are obtained carefully from donor areas in the posterolateral scalp and, after carefully preparing them, are introduced into the balding area through micro-incisions with the help of a microscope.

The preservation of these grafts is due to the genetic programming of the hair from the donor area, which is not susceptible to the action of hormones, stress, etc…
Today, this is the most advanced hair transplant technique.

NON SHAVEN FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT TECHNIQUE: Without shaving the donor area we can redensify the recipient area, depending on the needs of the patient.

DESIGN and REDENSIFICATION OF EYEBROWS: Reconstructive and redensification technique of eyebrows using FUE or NON SHAVEN technique

DESIGN ANDS REDENSIFICATION OF BEARD AND SIDEBURNS: Reconstructive and redensification technique of the beard and/or sideburns using the FUE or NON SHAVEN FUE technique.

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