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What is hyaluronic acid?

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Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by our body and we can find it in the liquid in the eyes, bones, joints, cartilages and mainly in the skin. Its main function is to retain the water in our bodies, thus providing hydration and volume. With the passage of time and the appearance of aging, hyaluronic acid is degraded and the body has limited ability to replace it. As a result, loss of volume, contour and static wrinkles appear that give the face an aged and tired look.

Hyaluronic acid is an ideal substance for facial fillers due to its efficacy and safety against other permanent fillers. Clínica Dr. Serrano performs several treatments for those wishing to remove wrinkles and deeper facial skin folds.


Hyaluronic acid treatments

Hyaluronic acid molecule

Hyaluronic acid molecule.

Filler treatments with hyaluronic acid consist of applying micro-injections directly into the skin, thus replacing lost hyaluronic acid. It allows reshaping of the contours in face and lips, granting volume in areas modified by the aging process and filling static wrinkles, those that are visible with the face at rest. We can also use it in those areas who have lost volume due to the aging process such as the cheeks, chin and jaw. Finally, it can be applied to reduce dark circles and increase the volume of lips.

Symptoms of pain and redness may appear around the injection site. It is safe if used with local injections during pregnancy, although it should be avoided during breastfeeding. The effect of hyaluronic acid loss is gradual and the lifespan of the results ranges from 9 months to a year.

Treatment of hyaluronic acid in Valencia

• Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel

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