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ABDOMINAL VOLUME (flat stomach)


What is Mesotherapy?

Abdominal volume Mesotherapy

Flat belly

Mesotherapy involves the application of different drugs by means of multiple subcutaneous injections at small doses, over the area to be treated. It is a technique of medical use and can be applied in the treatment of various conditions, via injections with special needles or a mesotherapy gun. A mesotherapy gun allows you to apply active substances at a constant rate and depth, in a painless way.

The technique of mesotherapy with natural and homeopathic medicines is a minimally invasive technique with great tolerance and results. It consists of a mixture of homeopathic substances using small intra-dermal injections in the affected area. Their actions are characterized by: reductive, anti-wrinkle, draining, firming, healing, reconstructive, stimulating and premature anti-aging. Mesotherapy is an ideal for diffuse cellulite treatment. A big improvement appears in orange peel skin, with substantial reduction of tissue volume and swelling of the legs.


Treatment to get a flat belly

Treatment to get a flat belly

Mesotherapy gun.

Treatment of localized adiposities or complementary to slimming diets. In this case, mesotherapy contributes to decreased body volume localized in thighs, abdomen, etc. The injection of homeopathic drugs that regulate the metabolism and facilitate the drainage of fluids.

Six to twelve sessions are recommended, with a weekly and then bi-weekly frequency. Finally, establish maintenance sessions spaced over time, according to progress. The effects are visible between the fifth and sixth sessions. Hematomas may appear during the treatment application. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

It is suitable to combine this session with tissue kneading, LPG, circulatory massage therapy, etc. It can also be combined with sessions of electrotherapy, thermotherapy, high frequency, interferential currents, ultrasounds, etc., to enhance the results.


  • Treatment involves the injection of an aqueous microgelatinous solution, biocompatible and fully reabsorbable, indicated for the treatment of localized adiposities.
  • Before injecting the solution, the injection site should be cleaned and disinfected properly.
  • Although high tolerance to the treatment has been observed, Aqualyx should never be injected in quantities greater than 40 ml per session, or 25 ml in a specific anatomical area.
  • Injections should be carried out only using the technique of intralipotherapy.
  • Based on objective clinical data, treatments must be carried out at intervals of 15 days or more.
  • To ensure the correct position of the product in the desired area, and minimize the trauma to the tissues, injections should be made with the right needle for intralipotherapy.
  • After the infiltration, a cavitation session can be performed to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.



Treatment of abdominal volume with mesotherapy in Valencia

• Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel

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