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What is Mesotherapy?


Healthy and strong hair.

Mesotherapy involves the application of different drugs by means of multiple subcutaneous injections at small doses, over the area to be treated. It is a technique of medical use and can be applied in the treatment of various conditions, via injections with special needles or a mesotherapy gun. A mesotherapy gun allows you to apply active substances at a constant rate and depth, in a painless way.



Treatment of alopecia with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is recommended in mild cases of hair loss and not in cases that are irreversible. It will therefore be effective in those patients who still have the roots of the hair to be revitalized.

The treatment involves injections of very fine needles in the scalp with nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and vasodilators, which fight the weakening of hair.

Mesotherapy gun

Mesotherapy gun.

Treatments usually consist of a weekly 20-minute session, reducing the frequency of sessions as treatment progresses and ending it with a monthly session, as maintenance treatment. The approximate duration of a mesotherapy treatment is 8 months and it can be complemented with capillary and cervical massages, and high frequency to enhance blood flow to the hair follicle, so they get more nutrients and oxygen to the hair and it does not grow at a speed below normal or die and fall.

Mesotherapy allows to perform hundreds of microinjections in a few minutes, in a simple, fast and virtually painless way. Results start to appear after 3 or 4 months.

Mesotherapy treatment does not produce side effects such as those that can occur when drugs, minerals or vitamins injected are administered orally. In addition, Mesotherapy is more effective because this route of administration, brings new benefits and minimizes side effects.


Treatment of alopecia with Mesotherapy in Valencia
 • Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel

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