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What are parasitic diseases?

Parasitic diseases are infectious diseases caused by parasites. There is an enormous amount of parasites that can cause parasitic diseases, and it is impossible to mention them all. However, some of the best known are pinworms, tapeworms, crab lice, malaria, or sleeping sickness, for example.

Parasitic diseases

Parasitic diseases.

Their causes vary, as can be deduced from the examples above. Thus, anyone can develop parasitic diseases through the ingestion of contaminated food or beverages (pinworms or tapeworms), insect bites (malaria or sleeping sickness), or sexual contact (crab lice).

The consequences, on the other hand, can vary in severity from one type of infection to another, and either bring mild discomfort or lead to death.

In any case, any one of them can lead to very serious problems if they are not treated in a timely and effective manner so, if you have even the slightest suspicion that you may be suffering from any type of parasitic disease, especially if you have recently travelled to tropical or subtropical areas, seek medical advice immediately.

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Treatment for parasitic diseases

Treatments will vary according to the parasite that caused the infection, and your doctor will determine the best recommended treatment.


Prevention of parasitic diseases

Good hygiene habits as well as ensuring that the water and food we eat is in good condition are the fundamental pillars to avoid suffering from any kind of parasitic infection in our regular environments.

In addition, if we suffer from a sexually transmitted parasitic infection, we must abstain from any sexual activity that may cause the contagion of the parasite.

Beyond that, we must be especially careful if we travel to tropical or subtropical regions of the planet where warm climates favour the proliferation of parasites. Before traveling, it is advisable to know in detail the diseases that can be contracted as well as the vaccines and measures that must be taken before packing your bags. Of course, you should never drink any water other than bottled water.

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Diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases in Valencia

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