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Can a peel treat acne?

The answer is yes. Peels can treat even the most serious acne since they can be performed at both superficial, medium and deep levels. You have to keep in mind that the side effects will be higher if you choose to have a medium or deep treatment, but so will be its effectiveness to eliminate acne.

This treatment is not usually dangerous if carried out by the expert hands of a professional, but it does have side-effects such as swelling, redness, flaking of the skin and the possible appearance of blisters. The only serious risks involved is chronic hypersensitivity and abnormal pigmentation of the skin, although chances of this happening are minimal and other factors come into play, such as family heredity, so it is very important to be confident about the control questions posed by the doctor during the pre-treatment evaluation to see if the treatment is a good fit.

Treatments for acne



Treatment with Salipeel

Before performing a salicylic acid peel you must understand what it is. This peel uses a beta hydroxy acid, which has been shown to be effective as an exfoliating agent for the skin. Salicylic acid is one of the most reliable acne treatments in the world. It has comedolytic (destroys pimples) and keratolytic (eliminates dead cells) properties which make it capable of breaking the strong structural proteins of the skin and infiltrating plugs of dead cells, fat and impurities that can clog pores and cause blackheads, spots and pimples.

Salicylic acid is very effective for cleaning oily skin and is also ideal for blocked pores that lead to pimples. Salipeel is very delicate on the skin, so you do not have to worry about having marks after the treatment.

How does it work?
The dermatologist will analyze the skin before the peel to choose the exfoliation power, depending on the individual needs of each patient. After cleaning and degreasing the face, a gauze is soaked in the peeling solution and applied all over the face very quickly. The application produces a strong burning sensation during the first 1-2 minutes, after which it disappears completely. About 3-5 minutes afterwards, it forms a white mask in the face that is due to the crystallization of Salicylic skin acid in the skin, by volatilizing the vehicle of the solution. If the dermatologist deems it suitable, he/she will apply 1-2 additional layers. After that, proceed to wash the face, which will cause the burning sensation to reappear for a couple of minutes. Finally, proceed to sealing the peel with a retinol cream. The peel removes the top layer of the epidermis, resulting in softer skin and cleaner impurities.

Salicylic acid is a powerful instrument to combat acne and wrinkles. Despite its spectacular results, salicylic acid peel is very soft, non-irritating and restores the skin. The peel removes skin abnormalities including excess dead cells on the surface of the skin, sebum and bacteria in people with acne.

There are three key factors in acne: clogged pores, bacteria and inflammation. The peel counteracts all three factors pointing to each one individually:

  • Clogged pores: are unclogged by the peel, salicylic acid has high lipophilia and is concentrated in places where there is fat such as sebum.
  • Bacteria: the antimicrobial properties of salicylic acid make it very effective against acne bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne. In addition to eliminating bacteria, existing inflammation is reduced.
  • Inflammation: due to its close relationship with aspirin, a popular anti-inflammatory, salicylic acid also works as a potent anti-inflammatory.



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Diagnosis and treatment of acne with peels in Valencia

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