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What is a melasma?


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Melasma or chloasma are hyperpigmentations that appear in facial areas more exposed to the sun. They are dark skin patches that appear on sun-exposed areas of the face. This skin disorder is very common in young and fair-skinned women, although it can also occur in other skin types.

Melasma are very linked to female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. For this reason, they are present in:

  • Pregnant women, where these spots appear during pregnancy and do not necessarily appear in the first pregnancy since they may also appear in subsequent pregnancies.
  • Women who are taking oral contraceptives. Blemishes appear after 1 year and up to 7 years after the initiation of the treatment. Condition, color and extension, is not related to the duration of the treatment. These types of melasma are more difficult to remove.
  • It appears in women exposed to long periods to the sun without sun protection. Ultraviolet radiation stimulates the production of melanin in excess, favoring the emergence of melasmas. The use of sunscreen that blocks UV rays is recommended.



Treatment of melasmas

There are multiple chemical peel treatments for Melasma removal, some of the substances used are:

  • Exfoliating chemicals such as glycolic acid and retinoic acid, which have a great whitening effect on the skin.
  • Kojic acid is an inhibitor of tyrosinase, and also has a bleaching effect.
  • Phytic acid blocks the entrance of iron and copper in melanin development, so it also has a bleaching effect.

The peel is capable of solving this excess pigmentation and it also works with other blemishes, such as age spots, for example.


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Diagnosis and treatment of Melasma with peels in Valencia

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