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Radio frequency is a procedure known for more than 70 years in surgery that has now expanded its use to the field of cosmetic medicine. It is a technique based on the use of high frequency alternating currents with a localised effect.

It consists in generating heat at different layers of the skin (deep heating), which results in the formation of new collagen by stimulating fibroblasts, better circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue (greater oxygen and nutrients contribution), and lipolysis.

The application of facial and body radiofrequency produces the following effects:

  • Reaffirms, tones and counters sagging skin
  • Redefines facial contours as well as reduces wrinkles and expression lines
  • Reduces the double chin
  • Reduces bags and dark circles and significantly improves the skin on the eyelid and eyebrow
  • Decreases localised cellulite areas
  • Eliminates adiposity


Advantages of radiofrequency

The great advantage is that it is a non-invasive (non-ablative) technique that requires no incisions or recovery period (since it respects the epidermis, with minimal skin redness, without damaging its outer layer). It makes it possible for you to continue with a normal social life immediately after the treatment, and it is not even contraindicated to be exposed to the sun, provided it is with adequate protection.

It can be applied to the face (including the periocular region) and body (neck, neckline, inside of arms and thighs, abdomen, buttocks, scalp…)

It can be combined with other techniques such as chemical peels, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), fillers, botox, etc., which should be performed at different times and with a programmed sequence to achieve integral facial rejuvenation.

The procedure is well tolerated and does not require anaesthesia – since it only feels warm – and only people with very painful cellulite may feel some pain while the device’s head is being rubbed on certain areas.

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Prevention and treatment of:

Facial ageing: wrinkles and sagging (immediate lifting effect [contraction of collagen] and medium term effect [formation of new collagen fibres])


Localised adiposity

Body flaccidity

Problems in the contour of the eyes: bags, dangling eyelids and eyebrows, etc.

Double chin


Treatment is not recommended for the following patients:

pregnant women (wait 4 weeks after delivery)

people who wear electrical devices such as pacemakers or any metal prosthesis, whether for the joints, hip or dental area (since current energy can affect these materials located inside the body)

people with sensory disorder skin problems (because pain, discomfort and subsequent injuries may occur)

people with acute infectious processes, connective tissue and neuromuscular alterations, severe heart disease, or bleeding (coagulation disorders)

scalp problems due to oxygen and nutrients (alopecia, seborrhoea, hair growth)

Risks of radiofrequency

It is important to emphasise that your physician must anticipate all of the risks and possible side effects that may occur during the treatment before using the radiofrequency treatment. At the end of the treatment, you will have slight redness or oedema that will disappear in a short period of time. Slight ecchymosis seldom occurs in areas of capillary fragility. On rare occasions, there may be a post-inflammatory burn and hyperpigmentation.

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The two types of radiofrequency used are Bipolar, which causes a superficial heating of the skin, and Monopolar, which produces heating in the deepest part of the dermis, acting on the adipose tissue. Since the radio frequency apparatus has small heads, you can apply the energy to different depths and thus treat different types of cellulite as well as laxity in the face and other areas.

Recently, the much more focused Tripolar radiofrequency has been developed, which acts at greater depth and higher temperatures. The heat is maximum in the area of application because the dispersion of energy is minimal, which means that less power is required to produce the same effect as with Monopolar and Bipolar equipment, while reducing the risks of burns on the patient’s skin.

The duration of the treatment varies depending on the area to be treated and may last between 25-30 minutes per session in small areas such as the arms or abdomen and 45-50 minutes per session for larger areas such as the trochanters (saddlebags).

Once the session is finished, a calming, aloe vera based gel is applied to the treated areas. And it is recommended to establish an at-home reaffirming treatment including DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) and organic silica, which can help the final result.

Number of sessions needed

The number of sessions required may vary, and will depend on the condition of each patient and the level of individual need, but generally from 4 to 6 sessions for facial (including double chin), and from 8 to 12 sessions for body treatments are considered necessary. The recommended time interval between sessions is 15 days. It is recommended to have maintenance sessions (every 3 months).



Radiofrequency treatment in Valencia

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