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Reduction mammoplasty

Breast reduction in Valencia

Breast reduction

Its purpose is breast reduction and molding. During surgery, the surgeon dries out the skin, gland and excessive fat, puts the areola in the correct position and remodels the remaining breast.
While there are many surgical techniques to achieve this end, most of them require incisions around the areola, vertical, horizontal, or diagonally in the submammary crease. All sutures are performed with great thoroughness to leave scars as thin and short as possible, however, you should be aware that you will have visible postoperative scars. Over time these scars tend to be significantly less visible, although in some patients it may be convenient to make a tweak, six months after the intervention.

The intervention / treatment of breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, with one or two nights of hospitalization. After the intervention, it is customary to place some kind of bandage that varies according to the preferences of each surgeon, who will also advise the use of a bra in the postoperative period.
The operation entails the risk of a possible reduction or loss of feeling in one or both areoles which usually recovers with the passage of time.

You can also compromise your capacity to breastfeed in the future. Fat necrosis, dehiscence of the scar and intolerance to internal stitches occur occasionally. Although the patient usually heals within a few weeks without any sequel other than a scar that is more apparent than usual, it should be retouched after a few months. The partial or total loss of the areola or nipple is exceptional.


Breast reduction treatment in Valencia

• Dr. Severiano Marín

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