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At Dr. Serrano’s Dermatology Clinic, we strive in the pursue of excellence in patient care, as we search solutions for each type of skin and problem. Our doctors diagnose and treat both severe conditions and minor skin troubles.


A word of welcome by Dr. Serrano
42 years caring for skin and people
Welcome to our clinic! 20 professionals, 42 years’ experience and more than 30,000 patients endorse our experience in dermatology, regenerative cosmetics, as well as cosmetic and skin surgery. Visit us so that we can diagnose and treat your skin problem.
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Our Star Treatments
The best Dermatologists and Surgeons.
Treatments to clear acne, alopecia and wrinkles are mostly in demand by our patients. You can trust our specialists. They are the best.
For more information, dial: +34 963521441.
Dermatological Dictionary
Are you aware of the latest dermatological treatments?
In Dr. Serrano’s clinic we provide personalised solutions for each patient, always based in a thorough knowledge of pathologies.
Consult the dermatological dictionary
Our own formulations
Founder of Laboratorios Sesderma
Dr. Gabriel Serrano, created Laboratorios Sesderma 25 years ago with the motto: “Who, better than a Dermatologist, can formulate Dermocosmetics products?”. Nowadays, this great Dermo-Cosmetics company is dedicated to the overall wellbeing of skin.
Getting to know Laboratorios Sesderma
Medical Team

Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel

Medical Director

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery and specialist in Dermatology, a whole life investigating and dedicated to skin care.


Dr. Fernando Millán


Specialist in medical-surgical Dermatology and Venereology


Dra. Matilde Lorente Guaita


Graduate in Medicine and Surgery by the University of Valencia Medicine Faculty


Dr. Severiano Marín

Plastic Surgery

Doctor in Medicine, Surgery and specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Repairing Surgery

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Dermatological Dictionary

Medical Team


Our genes and hormones play a key role in oily skin. The most important thing …
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Laser hair removal

Two decades have passed since science discovered how to apply laser technology to make hair disappear.
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Breast augmentation

There is no medical treatment that can achieve a definitive increase of breast volume, except for augmentation mammoplasty.
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Why choose us?

Due to our extensive experience in the fields of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.


Check out the new entries in our blog on dermatology and aesthetics.

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We have discounts for our customers for the products of Sesderma Skinshop.

Train with us

At Clinica Serrano and Sesderma we are always looking for the best professionals.

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