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History of the Clínica Dr. Serrano

Dr. Serrano Clinic

Dr. Serrano Clinic

Clínica Dr. Serrano is a clinic dedicated fundamentally to skin, hair and nail diseases, the first clinic was founded by Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel in 1975 in Valencia, Spain.
It has its own team of doctors specialized in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic medicine and Regenerative Dermatology; as well as qualified medical, administrative, health and maintenance personnel.

Besides the function of caring for our patients, Clínica Dr. Serrano has been carrying out, since it was founded, scientific and teaching activities.

In 1989, along with the creation of Sesderma Laboratories, Clínica Dr. Serrano renewed itself with a change of address. This new location enabled us to meet new spatial needs due to the increased number of patients and the expansion of the health care team.

In addition, our patients took benefit from Sesderma laboratory products, a company where all associated doctors are dermatologists, through exclusive discounts, complementing the clinical treatment with high quality laboratory products.

By 1997, the recognition of Clínica Dr. Serrano is ever-growing. This, coupled with a new increase in medical team staff, forces another address change to a space that can accompany this unstoppable progress.

In 2003 was the fourth expansion forming a space in accordance to the constant advancement of the clinic. This new clinic, we can find at present, consists of a ground floor and an upper floor. Our patients can visit our clinic in C / recorder Esteve 3, 46004, Valencia (Spain).

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The best dermatologists

At Clínica Dr. Serrano, our professional team is selected not only for their curriculum, but also on their commitment to excellence and to patients, dedicating each of them the time needed to achieve a solution to their problems. But as skin specialists, our goal is to also improve their aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic Dermatology has been developed in recent years and today offers multiple treatments to improve the health and appearance of our skin and our body. Different techniques of dermal aesthetics include peels, laser for photo aging, IPL, fillers and botox among others, all with maximum guarantees and manufactured by dermatological professionals. At present, the Clínica Dr. Serrano has a large team of medical professionals from different fields such as Clinical Dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, regenerative dermatology, skin surgery and cosmetic surgery.

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Periodic organization of national and international scientific meetings. Training in techniques and dermatologic procedures for advanced medical specialists from different countries.

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Clinical sessions

Our dermatologists at Clínica Dr. Serrano have the experience and teamwork that is usually present at university dermatological centers. In addition, they discuss jointly all clinical cases of patients with all the members of the team.

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Dr. Serrano Clinic

Dr. Serrano Clinic

We see patients of all ages with skin problems. We diagnose and treat serious skin diseases and mild problems alike.

Clínica Dr. Serrano is a medical center specialized in Dermatology and laser treatments. Various highly qualified specialists collaborate with Clínica Dr. Serrano, and they are committed to providing quality medical assistance to patients with the latest medical technology and laser. We offer diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of all the different skin diseases. We have different sections (platforms), highly specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

  1. Unit for the diagnosis of pigmented lesions and skin cancer (Mole, nevus, lentigines, melanoma,) that incorporates technology such as the digital Dermatoscopy which allows for a more precocious diagnosis of these diseases.
  2. Alopecia unit.
  3. Laser platform. The laser platform at Clínica Dr. Serrano has the latest technology in laser and pulsed light for the treatment of different diseases and aesthetic alterations of the skin:
    • Neodymium laser yag 1064-532 of long pulse for varicose veins, telangiectasias, angiomas, and varicose veins.
    • Neodymium Q-Switch laser for the treatment of sun spots and tattoos.
    • Laser 532 nm for treatment of angiomas and vascular lesions.
    • Intense pulsed light for treatment of different diseases, dermatological and aesthetic (facelift).
    • Laser hair removal systems (Alexandrite, 1064 laser long pulse, diode 800 light pulsed).
  4. Vitiligounit
  5. Psoriasis unit

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Humane treatment

Humane treatment at Sesderma on Vimeo.

Dermatologists valencia

Dr. Serrano clinic team

The medical team from our clinic, Clínica Dr. Serrano, is composed of experts with hundreds of cases whose outcome has been a success, and thus placing yourself in their hands will be synonymous with safety, professionalism, transparency and trust. In addition, at our clinic you will find treatments for all kinds of skin problems either medical or aesthetic. No matter if they are common problems among the population such as the desire to undergo a treatment of hair removal laser, mesotherapy or alopecia or conditions with a very small percentage of occurrence such as, for example, psoriasis or hyperhidrosis.

“The goal of our team is to get the patient to feel comfortable and be sure to be in good hands; we want you to be satisfied with the treatment and outcomes. To this end we encourage the continuing education of each professional.”



As a sign of their deep commitment to their work and their patients, as well as the values that characterizes them such as confidence, empathy, delivery, respect and passion for their work for society, our entire team has no desire of being limited solely to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of the medical and aesthetic problems of their patients, they go above and beyond.

Thus, they never stop renewing their knowledge, discover new techniques, and learning innovative treatments at national and international scientific meetings for the sole purpose of improving care for their patients.

At the same time, they play the important and indispensable work of raising awareness among the population to, firstly, make known the major dermatological diseases that can affect us during our lifetime and, secondly, teach and disseminate the prevention measures we should take to prevent the development of diseases as serious as melanomas or the spread of STDs such as syphilis, HIV or gonorrhea.


Dr. Serrano clinic team

Through a close, attentive and personalized service, all of our physicians have strict commitment to satisfy any need for information, diagnosis and treatment that you, as a patient or simply as a concerned citizen, may need.

Our email is, therefore, available at all times so that you communicate to us any query that you want to make.

In addition, on our website you will find many sections devoted to all kinds of conditions and specific problems with personalized information selected by our professionals.


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